Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory by Charles V. Bryant

Used by permission. No other use of this content is permitted without prior permission from The Upper Room.

Before you take this inventory, please consider four imperatives: (1) Pray sincerely for God’s guidance. God wants you to know and use your gifts. (2) Do not relate these to your profession or occupation. (3) Do not consider how you relate to your family or what you do for your family. (4) Make every effort to rank all items in relationship to what you have done and experienced within the body of Christ, the church. If you have no previous experience as a Christian or church member, consider this statement about each item: If I have the opportunity, time, and resources, this describes my inclination.

The online inventory has 160 statements and will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.  You will need to complete the inventory in one sitting.

Rank each  statement according to how it describes your experience or strong inclination—not how to make you look good: Much (3), Some (2), Little (1), or None (0).  Select the appropriate score from the drop-down box.

If you are ready to complete the inventory, please scroll down to answer the questions. You will need to scroll up after you click NEXT to see the next set of questions.