Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He was the Doorway to the sheepfold, the Light of the world, the Prince of Peace…

Son of God

We believe in the special nature of Jesus’ birth – the sacred mystery called the Incarnation. This means that He was born as a human being yet still one with God. He was God in the world in the actual person of Jesus of Nazareth.

Son of Man

Paradoxically, we also believe that Jesus was fully human. Jesus was a person in every sense that we are. He was tempted, grew weary, wept, and expressed His anger. In fact, Jesus is God’s picture of what it means to be a mature human being.


We say “Jesus Christ” easily, almost as if “Christ” were Jesus’ last name. Yet, it’s actually an expression of who we believe Jesus to be. Christ is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word Messiah, which means God’s Anointed One. Like kings of old, this one would be anointed on the head with oil, signifying God’s election; hence, the Anointed One = the Messiah = the Christ. The early church proclaimed that Jesus was, indeed, this Anointed One. In calling him our Christ today, we affirm that he was and is the fulfillment of the ancient hope and God’s Anointed One meant to bring salvation to all people, for all time.


We also proclaim Jesus as our Lord, the one to whom we give our devoted allegiance. We yield to the Lord’s authority. To claim Jesus as Lord is to freely submit our will to his, to humbly profess that it is He who is in charge of this world.


Perhaps best of all, we believe in Jesus as Savior, as the one through whom God has freed us of our sin and has given us the gift of eternal life and salvation. We speak of this gift as the atonement, our “at-oneness” or reconciliation with God. We believe that in ways we cannot fully explain, God has done this through the mystery of Jesus’ self-giving sacrifice on the cross and His victory over sin and death in the Resurrection. 

Invitation to Accept Christ as Lord and Savior

Now, this may be a special time for you, if you are ready to confess Jesus as Savior, the one who died and was resurrected so that you may have abundant life, eternal life in God and if you are ready to confess Jesus as Lord of Your life, the one to whom you submit your will, the one to whom you give your devotion and commitment, then first, we encourage you to:

  • Repent of your sins…and by repenting, we mean turning away from, letting go of those thoughts, inclinations, and actions that cause a sense of separation from God’s love and grace…
  • And as you let go of sin and separation, now prepare to receive God’s gift of salvation, confess that Jesus is Lord of your life and believe that God raised him from the dead.
  • And as you confess and believe, open your heart to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide you in this new life that Christ now brings.

We now encourage you to pray this prayer outloud:

God of grace, love, and redemption, thank You for the gift of salvation. Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus Christ – the one who died for my sins. Thank You for His sacrifice, His love, and the gift of repentance that helps me receive that love. For I confess that I am a sinner in need of salvation. And I know salvation comes only from You. Therefore, I confess with my mouth that Jesus is Lord of my life. I believe in my heart that You raised Him from the dead. I thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit that now enters into my life and empowers me to live for You, to live for Christ, and to be all that you’ve created me to be – all because I’ve confessed and believed. Thank You God for saving me through Jesus Christ. Let Your love, Your grace, and Your mercy guide me all the days of my life…now and for eternity.  

In the name of Jesus, I pray,


And now, if you have prayed this prayer and said, “YES,” to the gift of new life in God, new life in Christ, we say to you, “Welcome to the family of God!

Now, if you’re “YES” includes the desire to become a member of Saint James, please click on the link below and follow the steps that will help us get in contact with you.

And if you’ve said, “YES,” but you’re not sure about membership at Saint James yet, then click the links below to receive more information about what this new life in Christ means for you and find out more about Saint James. Know that we’re praying that you will continue to connect and grow with Christ, and with us, in ways where God’s light shines in your life in its fullness.

Peace and blessings family, and remember, God’s love for you is as sure as the breath you’re breathing right now. God bless you always!