Music Worship & Arts

Min. Melody Lovely
Music, Worship, & Arts Director

Listen to and purchase the debut album from the St. James UMC Mass Choir.

Music, Worship and Arts Ministries

Performing praise with the spirit of excellence

Our music and arts ministries are done with the church vision in mind. Through the Holy Spirit and excellence, we believe that persons within our walls and elsewhere will be transformed by the renewing of their minds. Areas of ministry service include:

  • Sanctuary Choir: Ages 18+ singing all genres including traditional gospel, anthems, hymns, spirituals, and contemporary
  • Mighty Men of Valor: Comprised of men 18+ singing all genres of Christian music
  • Voices of Faith: comprised of ages 40+ focusing primarily on the traditional gospel, hymns, and anthems
  • Fusion Choir: Ages 18-40 focusing on contemporary gospel and Christian Contemporary Music (CCM)
  • Women’s Choir: Ages 18+ singing all genres of Christian music
  • Praise in Motion: “Dance Team”: Ages 18+ performing various styles of dance (liturgical, African, contemporary, and more)
  • Parable Players: Comprised of all ages who minister through “dramatic arts” and spoken word
  • Leviticus Mime Ministry: consisting off youth leveraging the art of mime to minister and speak to people

Our community events include:

  • Annual Palm Sunday Concert
  • Annual Christmas Cantata
  • Annual Inspirational Jazzfest

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