The Benevolence Ministry is here to help members who may be struggling financially due to unforeseen circumstances. The information on this ministry page may help with a decision to apply for assistance learn more…

Children and Youth

This ministry strives to provide a spiritual foundation for children of preschool age through high-school, through our children’s church worship program and Wonderful Wednesday Bible study. In addition, St. James has active Boy Scout and Girl Scout programs. . It is the goal of the Middle School Ministry to provide a formal foundation, introducing our young people to the history and policy of the United Methodist Church whereby affirming and confirming their faith through public witness learn more…

Christian Education

We support our members and community through every stage of their spiritual formation by offering Small Group Bible Studies, Small Group Book Studies, Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School, and church wide Bible studies learn more…

Communion Stewards

This ministry prepares and assists with serving the elements of The Lord’s Supper.

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This ministry’s mission is to ensure that the image of St. James United Methodist Church is portrayed in direct alignment with the mission and vision of the church. This ministry’s goal is to produce marketing material that informs, inspires and engages people learn more…


This ministry helps to equip couples through God’s word to strengthen, build and sustain unity in marriages. They do this through interactive Bible Studies, training and fellowship activities centered on Christ learn more…

Fusion (Young Adult)

This ministry is geared towards young adults ages 18-39, where our mission is to ignite the power and renew the purpose of God’s people to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Our vision is to connect, encourage and equip those we encounter through fellowship, outreach and discipleship learn more…


This ministry serves as the initial point of welcome for worshipers entering the sanctuary.

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Health & Wellness

This ministry caters to the everyday needs of the congregation and community through compassionate congregational care. It sponsors health related activities and events such as health fairs to raise awareness and encourage individuals to implement healthy lifestyle changes. Additionally, this ministry administers the church benevolence program.

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This ministry collects, maintains and archives all records of the founding, growth and vision of the church.

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This ministry provides full event planning services, including catering and custom decorations. Additionally, it coordinates hospitality services for bereaved members.

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Intercessory Prayer

This ministry is responsible for covering our Pastors and church family in prayer. The prayer ministry prays on behalf of the needs of the entire church body and is responsible for receiving and responding to prayer requests from within and outside the church body.

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This ministry is responsible for the production and sale of all audio and visual media, overseeing the sound systems and ancillary equipment for all services. CDs and DVDs are available for purchase immediately following each Sunday and Wednesday worship services.

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This ministry’s mission is to create an environment for members to intentionally engage and build relationships with the St. James UMC body. We receive new members, contact new members, visitors and the sick and shut-in. We execute the assimilation process for new members, and maintain the membership database learn more…

Music, Worship & Arts

This ministry leads the body in praise and worship, instrumentally, vocally, and through the art of dance. There are several choirs and dance teams that minister at St. James learn more…


This ministry monitors and directs worshipers as they enter and exit the parking lot on Sundays and during special events.

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Pastoral Care

This ministry provides meals for the Pastors and their families between worship services on Sundays. They are also responsible for the care and cleaning of the Pastors’ robes.

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This ministry implements most of the church’s outreach and mission efforts. They conduct outreach efforts each month, which includes 7 Bridges, Kairos Prison Ministry, U.S. Troop Support, and Great Day of Service, just to name a few. They also coordinate our regional mission to New Orleans and our International missions to Jamaica and Kenya learn more…


This ministry provides fellowship, education and information to seniors. They reach out to all seniors with meetings, devotions, visits to the nursing home and the sponsoring of senior trips. This ministry also enhances spiritual growth, thereby leaving a spiritual legacy learn more…


This ministry provides one-on-one confidential Christian care to men and women who are experiencing difficult times such as grieving the loss of a loved one, long-term illness, divorce, unemployment, or other major life changes learn more…


This ministry nurtures the congregation and community through providing Christian-centered teaching of lifestyle stewardship. They foster a spirit of living a debt-free lifestyle that emphasizes commitment to the giving of time, talent, and tithe while saving.

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This ministry is here to support St. James UMC by providing proactive technological solutions and insights by building and advancing God’s kingdom through the use of various technological mediums. It is the further mission of this ministry to provide technology training, seminars and enhance witness opportunities to the community.

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United Methodist Men

This is a ministry of men committed to the education, empowerment and sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ through dynamic teaching, preaching and evangelism. They are committed to demonstrating a greater presence of men within the local church and the church throughout the world learn more…

United Methodist Women

This is a ministry of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ, to develop a creative supportive fellowship and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church learn more…


This ministry greets and seats all persons attending worship service. This ministry helps maintain order during service and is responsible for administering the collection of tithes and offerings.

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